Professor Pryor’s videos on successful real estate investment strategies and financial valuation methodologies.

Dan Pryor was a Clinical Assistant Professor for five years at NYU’s Schack Institute for Real Estate in the university’s Master’s Degree program, where he teaches real estate finance and valuation.

Property Related – Investment Strategies

Odessa Value-Add Investment Example:

Join Dan Pryor on a tour of two Odessa owned properties, Project Walden and the newly acquired The Flats at Gladstone. Project Walden, which has been undergoing renovations for nearly 15 months, demonstrates the upside potential in improving apartment communities when contrasted to the recently acquired and wholly untouched Flats at Gladstone.

Exit Strategies – Selling the Value Add Property

In this video we discuss strategies to optimally position a value-add multifamily property for sale. Join Dan Pryor, the Managing Partner of Odessa Realty Investments, for a tour of a recently renovated and sold property, and a discussion on risk premiums, liquidity, and leaving ‘upside’ for the next buyer. Eagle Creek, which was acquired for $28.5 million in July 2014, was sold in November 2017 for $42.0 million.

The Classroom – Financial Valuation

Capitalization Rates

A deep dive into Cap Rates, Stabilized Yields, Risk Premium Components, Gordon’s Growth Model, Exit Cap Rates, and more.

Key Valuation Metrics

A detailed look at financial metrics utilized by Odessa and leading institutional investment firms when acquiring multifamily assets.

PV, NPV, IRR, & Other Financial Terms

Easy to understand explanations of financial terms widely used by professional investors.