Investor Information

Investment Philosophy


At the core of Odessa’s investment philosophy is our belief that we treat investors’ capital as our own. We act as trusted fiduciaries for our clients and invest our capital alongside our clients’ capital in every investment we make.

Our investment strategy leverages decades of industry, financial and property management experience to achieve stable cash flows, generate competitive risk-adjusted returns and maximize shareholder value. The Odessa team members’ extensive professional relationships and history of owning and operating multifamily properties throughout the United States provides us with a sustainable competitive advantage and positions us well for future growth.

We believe investing in ‘core-plus’ and ‘value-add’ multifamily assets in select American growth markets may meet investment objectives of capital preservation, income, and growth. We don’t simply accumulate assets; we enhance them through the power of a robust operating partnership network.

The core-plus assets we seek to buy typically are newer properties that may offer a predictable income and require only modest physical improvements. Our acquisition criteria includes strong forecasted job and rent growth, diverse regional economies, and outstanding property location; the targeted results are attractive dividend yields with steady underlying asset value appreciation.

When acquiring value-add growth opportunities, Odessa’s team strives to unlock value in properties that we perceive to be underperforming and undervalued. One essential Odessa strategy is providing “A” class type amenities in neglected properties to help improve the quality of life for residents who live in older and often mis-managed communities. Through proactive management, redevelopment, and specific submarket selection, we aim to generate attractive risk adjusted returns.

Odessa Real Estate Partners (OREP)


Accredited investors are encouraged to contact Odessa about the possibility of being invested in an OREP investment fund. Both ‘Core-Plus’ and ‘Value-Add’ investments are available. OREPs are “Club Deals” which are formed for a limited group of investors, and purposed to acquire a single multifamily property located in one of our targeted growth markets. Investors subscribe to the OREP Fund of his/her choosing in advance, yet have final investment approval privileges. The OREPs have a minimum investment of $500,000.

Please contact us to learn more about select Odessa investment opportunities.